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Asker Anonymous Asks:
Hi. I listened to your show this past Thursday, and wanted to ask... did you guys actually go to E3? I couldn't tell from your reporting if you were speaking about what you had seen there or what you had just read about online. If you did attend, what tips do you have on getting there? I know it's almost impossible for the general public to attend. Thanks for your time.
afkkuci afkkuci Said:

Hi there!

We did not actually attend the conference unfortunately, but we were there digitally through the streams that were run on!

Tips for getting into E3 would be to somehow get into the gaming media as that is the main requirement for an E3 attendee.

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Away From Keyboard

This is our last show at KUCI, if you have an interest in us continuing this show on our own accord please let us know!

On today’s show we recap the major events at E3 by going over the Microsoft, Ubisoft, EA, Sony, and Nintendo press conferences! Check out the links for more information.

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